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NuBrass Horns 

Customised for a group of established trumpeters who are encouraged to transfer from Trumpet to Baritone Treble Clef, Eb Tuba Treble Clef, Bb Tuba Treble Clef, Eb Tenor Horn and French Horn in F.


This idea comes from the Brass Band tradition where every instrument reads Treble clef and the same trumpet fingerings are used for all instruments high Cornet down to low Tuba.


This is an effective way to expand your Concert Band instrumentation if there are many trumpets!

Most kids enjoy the challenge also!!!!


Suite consists of 

​Warm up – Major Scale and Chromatic Scales

Mvt 1- NuBrass Horns – Funk style groove

Mvt 2 – Is Michel Still Sleeping – Fun German traditional tune

Mvt 3 – Tokyo Joe’s Amazing Mopfest – Crazy Ska

Each song has unison melody, unison bass line, unison off beats, then all sections combined

Written in 2018 for Barker College NuBrass Horns Group.


NuBrass Horns !!!!




$60 Hard Copy $50 PDF

NuBrass Horns - Suite #1

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