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Solo Instrumental Pieces

Imagination - Solo Trombone and Rhythm Section


Solo Trombone and Rhythm section accompaniment. 

Starts with solo melody trombone unaccompanied.

Then melody with trombone and piano, bass, and drums.

Written trombone jazz solo improvisations style section.

Great HSC trombone jazz style feature piece.



Sonata for Trombone and Piano. Written in 2016 for Australian Senior High School HSC Music student Lauren from Sydney. Lauren had studied trombone with Mr Herbert since she was 7 years of age.
Suitable for advanced high school and college trombonists. Approximately 7th Grade AMEB level. Suitable for HSC Performance on Trombone.

VAGABOND for Solo High TUBA or LowTUBA


Written for Solo Tuba utilising both lyrical upper register lines and low register melodic lines utilising fourth valve. Suitable for players 6th Grade AMEB and above.  Repertoire for HSC Music 2 Solo Tuba.  

Bb four valve or Eb four valve tuba.

Written July 2017 for North Sydney Boy's Tuba student, Martin.

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Brass player Rod Herbert.

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