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 Educating Minds With Music.  

  Playing to Learn  

Trombonist Rod Herbert jazzing up festival.

PRACTICE BUDDIES - Playalong Audio MP3

and PDF Music Notes. Guided brass lessons.


Australian Concert Band Music

Jazz Ensemble Music

Brass Ensemble Music

Compositions for Students of all ages.


Solo Brass Music for HSC and Senior High Students. 

Composed by Rod Herbert.


Music Education Resources for Teachers-

Aural Analysis

Report Writing 

Brass Teaching 

Jazz Education

Performance Skill Development Strategies 

Playing to Learn  



Bring the love of music into your life.

Original Australian Compositions for your School Band and Performing Ensembles.

Music tuition  private lessons from professional music educators and conductors.

Fun and informative lessons for you and your child.

Education minds with music.

Playing to learn. 

 Educating Minds With Music.  

  Playing to Learn