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Have a listen to these important milestones in Jazz Trombone repertoire

Listening: Tommy Dorsey –Trombone

The 1940’s master of super high lyrical ballads. Played often with a Solotone mute similar to a straight mute. The first recordings with superstar singer Frank Sinatra.

“I’m Getting Sentimental Over You”

Starts on high C# flowing up to super high C# above high Bb.
First phrase –C#, D, F#, A, C#_____________..........
“Song Of India” starts on super high C.

First phrase C- C,B,Bb,A, C- C,B,Bb,A, C- B, Bb, A__________............. “Marie” starts on high A Super C.
First phrase A C________ A,C,A lowC, A,Ab,G E,G,E, low G.......

Listening: J.J. Johnson – Trombone

The father of modern jazz trombone improvisation. The Greatest! Beautifully crafted melodic lines that are fast and agile.

Listening: J.J Johnson – Trombone

“Coffee Pot”

Fast! Fast! Fast!

Listening: J.J Johnson Kai Winding – Trombone

“Surrey With A Fringe On Top”

”The Preacher”
J.J. and amazing Danish trombonist Kai Winding trombone duo. 8 Trombones plus rhythm section. Cooking, beautiful, swinging trombones.

Listening: Kai Winding – Trombone

“Monobone” Fast! Fast! Fast!

Listening: Frank Rosolino – Trombone

One of my favourite jazz trombone improvisers. Featured trombone soloist with Stan Kenton Orchestra.

“Frank Speaking” with Stan Kenton Orchestra.
“Prologue – This Is An Orchestra” with Stan Kenton Orchestra. “Polka Dots And Moonbeams”
“I Got Rhythm” with Bobby Knight Great American Trombone Company.

Listening: Jack Teagarden – Trombone

One of the greatest 1940’s, 50’s, swing and traditional jazz trombonists. Many recordings with trumpeter Louis Armstrong groups and trumpeter Bobby Hackett. Buck Clayton Trumpet "Coast To Coast".

“Basin Street Blues” “Royal Garden Blues” “That’s A Plenty”.

Listening: Abe Lincon – Trombone

Wonderful Swing and Traditional Jazz trombonist.

“Sheik Of Araby” “Trombone Rag”.

Listening: Al Grey - Trombone

Trombone soloist with the Count Basie Orchestra. Amazing plunger mute performer.

Listening: Carl Fontana – Trombone

Amazing fast bebop trombone player. Featured soloist and Leader of the Hanna – Fontana Band.

Listening: Curtis Fuller - Trombone

Made famous on Saxophonist John Coltrane Recording “Bluetrane”.

Listening: Steve Turre – Trombone – Latin Jazz

Contemporary American trombonist. Specialist in Latin jazz and contemporary original jazz.

Listening: Robin Eubanks - Trombone

Contemporary American trombonist. Many recordings with bassist Dave Holland.

Listening: Wycliffe Gordon - Trombone

Contemporary American trombonist. Made many recordings with Wynton Marsarlis groups. Great plunger mute performer.

Listening: Steve Davis - Trombone

Contemporary American trombonist. Trombonist for the Rolling Stones. Amazing album with trombone choir featuring most of the contemporary trombonists mentioned above.

Listening: James Greening – Trombone
A very unique Australian trombonist. Featured soloist in groups including: James is also the humorous trombone / tuba player seen on “Playschool”.

Ten Part Invention
The catholics Wonderlust
Australian Jazz Orchestra

Listening: James Morrison - Trombone
A very unique Australian trombonist / trumpet and multi instrumentalist.

“Snappy Doo”

“Schargell Brass”.

Listening: Sousaphone – The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

“My Feet Cant Fail Me Now” “Mardigras in New Orleans”.

Listening: Sousaphone – The Rebirth Brass Band

Listening: David Taylor – Bass Trombone

Featured soloist with Bob Mintzer Big Band “Computer”

“Incredible Journey”.

Listening: George Roberts – Bass Trombone

Legend 1950’s and 60’s Hollywood recording bass trombonists. Featured soloist with Stan Kenton Orchestra

“Prologue – This Is An Orchestra” with Stan Kenton Orchestra. “Stella By Starlight”

Featured soloist with Vocalist Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle Orchestra. “I Got You Under My Skin”

“Come Fly With Me”.

Listening: Phil Teele – Bass Trombone

Hollywood Studio Film Trombonist heard on almost every film score from last 20 years. Responsible for the low, loud, epic bass trombone notes!

Featured soloist with Tashiko Akyoshi Orchestra “I Aint Gonna Get No More”.


Listening: Harvey Philips – Tuba and Rich Maddison - Euphonium

“Maddison – Philips Tuba Consort”

Listening: Duke Ellington Big Band

Featuring Trombonists:
Tricky Sam Nanton on plunger mute
Lawrence Brown playing high, lyrical melodies.

Listening: Count Basie Orchestra

“Atomic Basie” “April In Paris”.

Listening: Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra

“It Only Happens Every Time”

“Tip Toes”.

Listening: Bob Mintzer Big Band

“Computer” “Incredible Journey”.

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