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Gregorian Victimae 1100.A.D is work for Symphonic Wind Band referencing back to the religious chant Alleluja Pascha Nostrum from the medieval period vocal tradition of Plainchant as sung by the early Christian Church Monks.


Initial peaceful lyrical melodic lines of Plainchant juxtaposed with fanfares of high energy percussive interludes from timpini and multiple percussion section.

Leading into an energetic martial percussive foundation sprinkled with swirling plainchant melodic fragments.


A moderato section of sinuously floating solo wind and brass phrases throughout the ensemble travelling across a bubbling glockenspiel ostinato and floating chorale of woodwinds.


Concluding with gigantic brass accents and the firebird excitement of percussive colours.


Written to feature a variety of fine instrumental soloists. First premiered by Marist College North Shore High School Symphonic Band in 2003.

Expanded in 2018 for optional STRING ORCHESTRA EXTENSION with Band . Performed by combined USA Fort Collins High School and Marist College Nth Sydney March 2018.

200 students performing from combined 2 concert bands and 1 string orchestra  



Symphonic Winds - GREGORIAN VICTIMAE 1100.A.D. PDF Digital Download

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